About Us

Milli Textile

is a leading manufacturer of 100% cotton blanket, towel and bathrobe products.  It’s a family owned business that started with fabric processing in 1992 and ultimately product developments of thermal blanket, towels and bathrobe have helped achieve confidence of customers across the globe on its product line.

It is a vertically integrated facility which makes it possible for us to have a handle on quality assurance and time effectiveness.

To achieve customer's confidence on the product, quality, service and in time delivery, is what we focus on. Over the period of years, we have become best known to our customers for our attention to minute details of the product and prompt feed back of all what is required to be communicated in time.  Our working closely with our customers has gained us their allegiance and respect, which is very important to us.

Gender Diversity & Equality

In terms of age, sex, colour, religion, and culture, we are an equal opportunity employer. Women are encouraged to apply to CTM.  We ensure that we have a culture that makes women feel safe and provides them with all of the essential needs for a comfortable working environment, such as maternity leaves, day care centres, transportation, and flexible working hours.