Milli Textiles (pvt) Ltd is a vertically integrated facility except spinning. It consists of warping, weaving, processing, shearing and stitching.  Following is the detailed overview of all of these segments.

We have 16 Sulzur TW11 terry looms 130” ww and 5 Sulzur TW11 fabric looms 130” ww.  All these looms are functional, weaving blanket and terry fabric in different widths and specifications.  We have the capability to service all variations of GSM’s to our clients for blanket and terry products. In addition to sulzur, we have 18 terry power looms as well in 76”-96” width. Warping for both sulzur and power looms is installed in house capable of handling more than double the current capacity of weaving. Our current weaving production capacity is 5000 kg/day between blanket and terry products


Our processing is a blend of conventional and high-tech machinery.   Our customers prefer our products due to our superior advantage on finishing.  Over the period of years, we have developed our own finishes which enable us to have a distinctive status in the market.  We feel proud to claim that we are able to deliver the best finishing for 100 % cotton blankets and terry products. It is our pleasure to accept samples from our customer and deliver a better finishing/performing counter sample  as a test and trial of our ability.


Our stitching is one of the most outstanding among all of our facilities.  We have constructed it after careful consultations with a (W.T.O) rules and regulations consultant who guided us to incorporate all that is required to make it an internationally graded stitching facility.  Our facility was approved by SGS nominated by WRAP in 2004.  We are observing all prerequisites of building rules and regulations, labor laws and environmental requirements. Our stitching consist of two floors.  Following is the list of our stitching equipments


We have almost all the basic laboratory equipments which enable us to do the testing on our production lots. We make sure our production is in line with quality parameters given by the customer